Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Garret W. DeRuiter


The purpose or this thesis is to relate to others my experimentation of various types of metals, and the methods employed to decorate the surfaces of these particular metals. The differences, and similarities in means of working with and decorating each type of metal used is also discussed.

The first part of the paper is devoted to a brief history of metal techniques. This gives a better understanding as to when the particular techniques were first employed and how many of them were almost lost with the arrival of nineteeth century industralization.

Techniques which I used, and the various means of achieving them is discussed next. This brings an understanding to the reader when the series or works are explained in the final section of the tesis.

The final portion of the paper gives detailed explainations of each of the pieces done while experimenting with the various techniques. Particular Problems which arose with the incorporation of techniques are discussed, along with the sucess of others.

I conclude the paper by noting that the major problem in my working with surface treatments was, that more forethought about accual construction was necessary. New techniques needed to be explored to avoid the quailities of dullness and staliness.