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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley

Thesis Committee Member

Field Experience, no advisor

Thesis Committee Member

Field Experience, no advisor


The Slide-Tape Presentation for Parent Orientation of the Public Schools of Hillsboro Unit District #3, Hillsboro, Illinois was created to show: 1) the location and type of building students attend in the district, 2) some of the activities provided for students in the elementary, middle and senior high school, 3) many of the ancillary services provided in the school district, and 4) the results of long-range facility planning done by the school board and citizens who reside in the school district.

Preparation of the multi-media package included the assembling of a slide bank of six hundred seventy-five slides. From this bank one hundred thirty-nine photos including title slides were selected for the final carousel. After the slides were selected, a cassette tape was prepared that provided narration, background music, and impulses to advance the projector at the proper place in the script.

Equipment used to implement the presentation included a Kodak Instamatic 104 Camera, a Telex Audio-Vue Slide Syne Recorder, a Carousel Ekatographic Projector by Kodak and a movie screen. A Caramate Audio-Visual Projector, a compact unit that accommodates all the components of the project, may also be used to present the program to parents.

The equipment, slides and cassette tape are to be kept in the administrative office, the most accessible place in the district. Parents may view the slides there. Also, any interested citizen may borrow the presentation to use as a program to describe the educational activities provided by the public schools of Unit District #3, Hillsboro, Illinois.

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