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Guidance and Counseling

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Psychology and Guidance

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Paul D. Overton


One purpose of this investigation of moral education in the elementary schools, was to find information in order to evaluate the current status of moral education at this level.

Another part of the investigation was to experiment with presenting and teaching moral education principles in a fifth-grade classroom, and make a report of the results.

The thesis was written to satisfy the final requirements for a Specialist Degree in Guidance and Counseling, at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois.

In order to conduct the investigation on moral education, several books were researched (a bibliography is included) for information.

A commercially prepared kit entitled "Living With Me and Others" was also used. This was published by the American Institute for Character Education, San Antonio, Texas.

This kit included stories for discussion, problem-solving activities, role-playing, and other activities related to solving moral dilemmas.

After making the investigation and conducting the experiment several conclusions were reached. In part these were:

  1. Children begin to learn attitudes and values at an early age.
  2. Children pass through stages of moral development in much the same manner as intellectual development.
  3. Moral education takes place in day-to-day relationships.
  4. Teachers should help pupils to develop their own moral judgment and encourage them to determine their conduct on the basis of internalized principles.

On the basis of the investigation and experiment several recommendations were made, including:

  1. Moral education should be considered an important and necessary part of the total curriculum.
  2. Inservice courses on moral education should be provided for teachers.
  3. Teacher training programs should include courses on children's moral development.

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