Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Donald W. Smitley


The purpose of this field experience was to develop a workable and beneficial program of studies for those students at Arcola High School who are deemed to be gifted. Upon completion of the development of this program of studies, the writer chose to entitle the program developed, The Advanced Studies Program.

In defining the scope of and those who would be involved with, The Advanced Studies Program which he developed, the writer relied upon the definition of giftedness as set forth by the United States Office of Education. This definition appeared in the November, 1978 KAPPAN in an article written by Joseph S. Renzulli and entitled, "What Is Giftedness?" …

Upon finding that forty-nine students, or twenty percent of the total enrollment, at Arcola High School has scores of 120 or above on the Kuhlmann-Anderson Intelligence Test, the writer felt compelled to develop a program of studies which would assist these students in "realizing their (potential) contribution to self and society."

The Advanced Studies Program developed in the field experience under discussion follows a 'mini-course" approach. Such courses were developed in the areas of Business Education, English, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Mathematics, Physical Science, and Social Studies. These mini-courses are basically units designed to include the following six items: title of the unit, level for the units intended use, purpose or objectives of the unit, outline of the procedure to be followed in completing the unit, the evaluation process to be used upon completion of the unit, and resource material and people available to the student for his use in achieving the objectives of the unit.

Upon completing the development of the Advanced Studies units, the writer developed a set of guidelines to be followed in the administration of the program. Also included in the paper is a selection procedure to be used in identifying the students who will be included in the Advanced Studies Program.

In completing the field experience herein described, the writer compiled all of the material discussed above into what he hopes is a workable and beneficial Advanced Studies Program.