Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Gene W. Scholes


A status survey of media in selected high school classrooms is the focus of this study. Questionnaires were sent to Spanish teachers in Region IV of the state of Illinois.

The purpose of the study was to gather data concerning the quantity, use, and adequacy of media as well as the selecting, funding, and housing of that media. Excluded from the study were software which accompany textbooks currently in use.

Quantity of media ranged from 0 to over 20. Tapes had the highest quantity with a median of 21, a mean of 17.31, and a mode of 20. Transparencies had the lowest quantity with a median and a mode of 0 and a mean of 5.94.

Audio software were used most frequently: tapes, weekly; and, records, monthly. Visual software were less frequently used: slide sets, semestrally; and, posters, yearly. Sixty-eight percent of the respondents found the software adequate for their purposes.

Spanish teachers responded that media for their classes is selected by the individual teachers themselves. Funds for the purchase of this media come from the school's general media budget and teacher purchases. A majority of the teachers indicated that media was stored in the classroom.

The information from this study records that Spanish teachers have media and are using it. Audio media receive more frequent use than visual media. The media is readily accessible because of classroom collections.

Further examination of media usage is needed in conjunction with the skills taught and the method used.