Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Carl Shull


The purpose of this thesis is to analyze influence exerted on my painting by Charles Sheeler and Edward Hopper, and to pursue the development of my work.

In the first two sections of the thesis brief overviews of the work of Sheeler and Hopper are presented. Sheeler, classified as a Precisionist, was drawn to paint in a precise, sharp-edged, hard surfaced style that was itself machine-like in character. Edward Hopper, painting at the same time as Sheeler, was not classified as a Precisionist, but his art contains many of the same elements. Though he did not paint in a sharp-edged, hard-surfaced style, as Sheeler, his work was built on massive, severely simplified forms, giving only essentials.

In subsequent sections of the thesis my work is described, analyzed and compared with Sheeler's and Hopper's in the areas of development, subject matter, and technique.

My work is divided into three categories: drawings of simplicity and structure which were primarily influenced by Charles Sheeler, a series of paintings that relate in subject matter to both Sheeler and Edward Hopper, and a group of painted environmental sculptures that evolved from the previously mentioned paintings.

Color plates follow the text and present examples of my work along with examples of Sheeler's and Hopper's.

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Painting Commons