Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Angela B. Anthony


Research suggests phonemic awareness is enhanced through multimodality training. Cued Speech is a multimodality system that combines hand signs with mouth movements to represent phonemes of the spoken language. This system has been utilized successfully in developing phonological awareness with children with hearing loss. However, no research is available on its effectiveness with children who are not deaf or hard-of-hearing. The efficacy of the use of Cued Speech for the enhancement of phonological skills in typically developing 1st grade students was evaluated in this study. Twenty-six 1st graders identified as low-achieving readers by their classroom teachers were administered the PPVT-4 to match participants across three assigned research groups: no intervention (NI), phonemic awareness training auditory only (AO), or phonemic awareness training with Cued Speech (CS). Pre- and post-test scores were compared on six different skills from the Phonological Awareness Test 2 (PAT-2). Results indicated that the Cued Speech intervention group made more gains based on Phonological Awareness Test 2 pre- and post-intervention scores. Although no statistical significance was found when all three groups' post-intervention scores were compared, the CS group did show significant gains across its participants.