Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Clifford (Gene) Strandberg


The work presented in this research study examined the visual problems between Video Display Terminal (VDT) operators in a developed and a developing country. Specifically, this study compared the responses of a group of 67 VDT operators in Nigeria and the United States of America. The study addressed the following questions that have remained unanswered for many years: 1. What are the most common VDT visual hazards? 2. Are these problems the same in the USA and Nigeria? 3. Are these visual problems work related? To accomplish this research study, a survey eliciting opinions of computer operators about the visual problems related to VDT was conducted. Survey questionnaires were distributed to fifty Nigerian VDT operators and fifty American VDT operators. Thirty-three operators from Nigeria and 34 operators from the USA completed the questionnaire. The survey results were analyzed and the following were the key findings: 1. Common visual hazards are blurring vision, heavy tired eyes, and eye watering. 2. The problems reported are the same in Nigeria and the United States. 3. Some problems are work related. This study concluded that various office environmental factors combined to cause visual problems in the offices. Further study to analyze VDT tasks, performance of VDT users, and the users attitude is recommended.