Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Joan E. Henn


This paper explores the benefits of using writing as a tool for teaching mathematics. It is a summary of literature intended to help educators implement a writing plan of their own. Part one is a summary of the purpose, benefits, and types of mathematics writing. Writing in mathematics opens the lines of communication in the classroom, helps in assessment, and allows for the use of interdisciplinary units. Writing in mathematics benefits students, teachers, and the classroom learning atmosphere as a whole. Teachers can use informal writing assignments so that students express their opinions, or assign formal writing to provide students with an opportunity to write about mathematical topics. Part two of this paper is a comparison of the effects of writing in a pre-algebra classroom. One class was the control group and did no writing, one class kept a mathematics journal, and another was asked to answer open-ended questions on a regular basis. Data is included that supports claims that writing in mathematics reduces math anxiety and assists students in learning mathematics. The purpose of this paper is to provide educators with ideas of how to implement a writing program in their classrooms.