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Master of Arts (MA)

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Speech Communication

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Norman S. Greer


The Romantic Intimacy Survey assessed the value of self-disclosure in intimate romantic relationships. Males and females place a stronger disclosure importance in specific intimate relationships, such as mom/female guardian, friends from college, friends from high school, previous romantic partners, dad/male guardian, cross-gender friends, and siblings. In addition, females place more disclosure importance than males on specific intimate relationships. These specific relationships included siblings, current roommates, instructors, and peers within social organizations. Males and females categorize relationships into different factors when assessed by a factor analysis. Males and females also thought different relationships had disclosure importance. Males thought adult friends should not be disclosed, whereas youth friends should be disclosed to a romantic partner. Females thought youth friends should not be disclosed, whereas adult friends should be disclosed to a romantic partner. The subjects included 108 female and 51 male undergraduate students.

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