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Using film in the classroom to teach history has long been endorsed as an effective pedagogical method when the lessons’ purposes and goals are clearly supported with facts. This article, which includes a National Council for the Social Studies C3 inquiry-based lesson plan, is targeted for educators who aspire to help students understand basic European Medieval history and engage in critical thinking. Medieval history is listed in many U.S. state curriculum standards and international teaching benchmarks; thus, this lesson contributes a teaching-ready source, particularly to introduce students to historical concepts, geographies, and politics (i.e., power structures). Clips from A Knight’s Tale (2001) were selected because they convey, to the modern audience, various social hierarchies. This lesson was created for upper elementary and middle school grades, though it can be adapted for other grade levels, including social studies pre-service teacher education. All resources for teachers and students are provided, and suggestions for digital tools are inserted throughout the lesson plan.