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Websites are well-established forms of digital communication in use by both the public and private sector. An effective website is an educational tool public school districts can utilize in their efforts to communicate with stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of website utilization and the components of websites used by public school districts in Mississippi. To determine the components in use by public schools in the State, a search of 143 school district websites occurred September 2017. To assess the quality of the websites, we used a checklist to evaluate content and design features that, if in place, would maximize communication and dissemination of information. Only 62 (43%) of the 143 school district websites listed email contact information for central office personnel with 52 (36%) choosing to publish an email address for the superintendent. We observed limited access to homework portals (58%) and links offering opportunities for parental involvement (45%). An appraisal of navigation and video displays occurred as well. The low percentages of effective website use found indicate school districts are not taking advantage of the internet as a form of communication with its stakeholders.