Aims & Scope

Areas of Focus

The Heart of It All

How does touch therapy change lives? This section includes contributions on touch as a catalyst or support for physical and emotional transformation, expanded states of awareness, and spiritual awakening. Submissions may take the form of personal stories or ethnographic writings and can be offered by both practitioners and clients.

Research and Case Studies

This section includes quantitative and qualitative original research, anecdotal case studies, clinical articles, and literature reviews. Submitted research case studies should follow the guidelines of qualitative research that seeks to investigate particular cases, places, or theories and will include a literature review. Practitioner case studies may be anecdotal in nature, with the practitioner writing up selected client cases of interest. Papers that connect transformative touch and other research areas such as Polyvagal Theory, neurobiology research, trauma work, etc. are welcome in this section. See submission guidelines for each section.

From the Field

From the Field includes reports on the impact transformative touch is having in diverse settings and situations. Topics that may be include are outreach, community service, volunteer work, conference presentations, or other areas where touch plays a part in wellness and transformation. This section may also include editorials and book reviews.

Teaching and Philosophy

Teaching methodologies, concepts, and theories along with new ideas and philosophies in the field of transformative touch are highlighted in this section.

The Arts

For many, the experience of receiving transformational touch leads to a rich deepening of the creative process. This area will highlight personal and group artistic expression related to touch in a multitude of forms from visual arts to poetry, dance, music and more.

What’s New

Share news, upcoming events, conferences, classes, and emerging research studies.