About This Journal

The Journal of Transformative Touch is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal with the purpose of advancing scholarly thought concerning transformative touch practices. The primary aim of this journal is to explore the role of skilled, conscious touch in the development of overall physical and emotional health, mental clarity, and the experience of expanded states of awareness and higher consciousness.

There is growing evidence that touch plays a significant role in our health and well-being. Body-mind resiliency is needed in this fast-paced world. The more high-tech we become, the more we need skilled touch. This is why this journal is looking for submissions from practitioners and researchers in a wide variety of fields exploring the potential of transformative touch. Work that connects touch with areas such as movement therapy, neurobiology, psychology, trauma, and perception are welcomed. Peer-reviewed professional research, teaching practices, case studies, editorials, book reviews, presentations, and investigative projects are also welcomed.

About Zero Balancing (ZB)

Zero Balancing is a holistic body-mind therapy that amplifies a person’s experience of health and vitality on all levels. By balancing body structure with body energy, this system of mindful, compassionate touch helps heighten sensations of connection, peace, harmony and well-being. Zero Balancing is a non-diagnostic system of therapy which integrates Eastern principles of energy and healing with Western scientific investigations of human anatomy and quantum physics as it focuses on bones, ligaments and key joints of the skeletal system on the physical level and focuses on tissue-held vibration, patterns and fields on the energetic level. Using Interface, a method of touch with a clear structural and energetic boundary between the client and practitioner, it incorporates feedback loops to gauge the client’s responses to touch in a structured protocol.