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Educational Administration

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Donald W. Smitley


The field experience consisted of updating the needs assessment and the Title I Project Proposal for the 1978-79 school year for Pittsfield Community Unit District #10.

One measure of the level of achievement for the students was the use of the 1977 results of the annual testing program. Test scores from the Metropolitan Readiness Test for grade one, the S.R.A. Achievement Test for grades two through eight, and the California Achievement Test for grades nine through twelve were used. For grades one through eight students were classified as at or above grade level, .5 grade below grade level, 1.0 grade below grade level, 1.5 grades below grade level, 2.0 grades below grade level, or 2.0+ grades below grade level. Information concerning grades nine through twelve was received from the guidance counselor. Those students in grades one through three who are more than .5 grade below grade level are considered to be eligible for the Title I Program. Students in grades four through twelve should be more than 1.0 grade below grade level to be considered eligible for Title I.

A second source of information was a teacher survey form that was prepared by the writer. On the survey form the classroom teachers were asked to evaluate their students according to the three objectives that are listed in the Title I Project Proposal. The objectives concern achievement, self-concept and attitude toward school. In addition the teachers were asked to identify learning disabled and educationally handicapped students according to grade level and level of achievement.

Data from the two sources were compared and were used in the preparation of the needs assessment. The needs assessment was written in a form that was similar to the form that was used previously.

The eligibility of the attendance centers for Title I funds was determined by the use of data concerning free and reduced lunches as an indication of the number of children from low income families. The percent of children from low income families for the entire district was determined. Each attendance center in the district had to meet or exceed the percent of children from low income families for the district in order to be eligible for Title I funds.

The budget and the expenditures from last year were considered in preparing the budget for 1978-79. Job descriptions were included for the secretary and the Title I teachers for the first time. The number of Title I participants was estimated from past enrollments.

Except for the needs assessment, Part II of the Title I Project Proposal remained basically the same. Changes concerned the inclusion of secondary English for East Pike High School and the mandated change in the testing program.

The Title I Project Proposal was presented to the Parent Advisory Council.


Dept. of School Service Personnel

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