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Master of Arts (MA)

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Paul E. Panek


The Hand Test and the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale were administered to 25 institutionalized (Mage = 80.00) and 25 community-living (Mage = 72.92) elderly females to investigate personality differences between the two groups, and to explore the relationship between personality and intelligence in regard to the aged. It was discussed that the results of the present study should be interpreted with caution, since significant age and educational differences were found between the groups that may have contributed to the results. The hypothesis concerning greater personality deterioration in institutionalized subjects than in community-living subjects was given partial support inasmuch as depletion and constriction of personality appeared greater for the institutionalized subjects. It appeared that the institutionalized elderly female, more so than her counterpart, the community-living female, could be seen as an individual whose psychological energy is diminished, who is withdrawing from meaningful interaction with life, whose involvement with other people has weakened, whose deference for the rights of others has diminished and who is likely to show a greater proclivity towards organicity. It was also found that certain aspects of personality correlated significantly with certain aspects of intelligence. It appeared that the elderly female who has a keen and varied interest in, a sensitivity to, and a high degree of interaction with other people, also has a high level of intellectual functioning. On the other hand, it appeared that the elderly female who is desperately attempting to cling to reality and who is weak in interactions with others and their environment has a lower level of intellectual functioning than elderly female who is strong in interpersonal relations. Suggestions for future research in the area were made.

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