Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

First Advisor

Gerhard C. Matzner


Leadership Intern positions in Vocational Education were funded in the State of Illinois for the 1980-81 fiscal year. Eastern Illinois University provided the base of experiential and formal learning for one of the Intern positions in the Occupational Education office under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

During the fiscal year of July 1, 1980, to June 30, 1981, the Intern based at Eastern was admitted to and enrolled in the Specialist degree program in Educational Administration earning a total of twenty-two semester hours. This field experience is a portion of that degree program.

The experiential learning that took place was centered around the Occupational Education office, its staff, and projects. That office administers the Education/CETA Linkage grant for the State of Illinois. The Intern had access to all staff meetings, contracts, and sub-contracts, as well as conferences and workshops. Several assignments were generated from that project that enabled the Intern to become familiar with the Linkage grants throughout the state. A brochure was developed and disseminated in which the Intern provided a synopsis of each subcontract. A comprehensive assessment of factors present in selected successful Illinois Education/CETA Linkage programs was written and published. The Intern worked with the author to gather complete data, tabulate data, formulate trends and compile the data into tables. Portions of the CETA final report were written by the intern and several areas have input directly from the intern. An informational pamphlet was also designed to coordinate with the large brochure on the Education/CETA Linkage project. The intern provided the base information for the compilation of that publication and also was a member of the edit staff.

The staff development funds allocated to the Occupational Teacher Educators were administered by the intern. Forms were drafted and provided to faculty to submit proposals for funding. The Intern and the Director of Occupational Education coordinated the work of the staff development committee and intern served as fiscal manager for that portion of the budget.

The Occupational Education office also houses the Bachelor of Science in Career Occupations (BSCO) degree program. The experiential learning of that program was first hand at the Chanute Air Force Base and Danville Area Community College. The intern served with the coordinator of that program in recruiting new students, registering students for course work, advising students on necessary courses, and substitute teaching the sections at the extension centers. Additionally, two students were assigned to the intern as independent study students enrolled in OED 4800.

Each year the Occupational Education office is required by the Department of Adult, Vocational and Technical Education (DAVTE) to write a Short and Long Range Plan for Occupational Education at Eastern Illinois University. Guidelines were set forth to follow by DAVTE and each institution in the state completed its Plan using the same guidelines. The Intern at Eastern was the coordinator and writer of that Plan for FY'82. The Occupational Teacher Education (OTE) committee members and staff of the Occupational Education office supplied much of that data. A retreat of OTE members generated several ideas and activities and began to prioritize items for submission in the Plan. It was written, assembled, and submitted to DAVTE in Springfield meeting all deadline dates. As the Plan is a negotiable instrument and funds available have decreased, the contract drawn is not exactly as originally submitted. However the basis for Occupational Education at Eastern Illinois University is stated in the Short and Long Range Plan for 1982.


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