Alan L. Jones

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Administration

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Larry Janes


This field experience investigated the effects of assigning multiple buildings to one principal. This study investigated the perceptions of the dual principals' effectiveness as instructional leaders and the impact of the dual principalship on job functions. In 1985 the state of Illinois passed school reform legislation stating that 51 percent of an administrators' time must be dedicated to instructional leadership. By developing a survey instrument to collect data from principals in Illinois serving in the capicity of multiple building principals information containing demographics of the districts, buildings, principals and perceptions of principals was tabulated. Even though the Illinois school reform act of 1985 clearly states that principals must spend a majority of their time on curriculum and staff development, prior research indicates dual principals found little time for staff development but spent a great deal of time taking care of routine matters . The perception survey information collected from 121 principals assigned the role of dual principal determined that an adverse effect existed in the areas of instructional leadership and the performance of job functions. One administrator summed the dual principalship responsibilities by commenting "multilple buildings often force an administrator to practice triage."

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