Graduate Program

School Psychology

Degree Name

Specialist in School Psychology

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2024

Thesis Director

Hao-Jan Luh

Thesis Committee Member

Ronan S. Bernas

Thesis Committee Member

Assege HaileMariam


Teacher self-efficacy significantly impacts student learning in a variety of ways. High levels of teacher self-efficacy can lead to improved student outcomes and act as a protective factor for multiple stressors. The present study investigated the associations between teachers’ years of experience and their hours of professional development concerning a teacher’s overall self-efficacy and its three domains: student engagement, instructional strategies, and classroom management. It was hypothesized that years of experience and hours of professional development would predict overall self-efficacy and its three domains. A survey was utilized to gather demographic, experience, and self-efficacy information. A total of 194 teachers completed the survey. Results based on hierarchical multiple regression analyses indicated that years of experience predicted levels of overall self-efficacy, as well as self-efficacy in classroom management and instruction strategies. Hours of professional development were not found to predict any measure of self-efficacy, which underscores the need to assess to what degrees the professional development provided for teachers is meaningful and delivered in useful ways, intending to enhance overall teacher confidence in the classroom. Limitations and future directions are also discussed.