Graduate Program

College Student Affairs

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

Thesis Director

Jon K. Coleman

Thesis Committee Member

Jessica Ward

Thesis Committee Member

Jody E. Stone


Over the years, mental health concerns have continued to rise in college students and is compounded by the natural stressors associated with navigating unfamiliar territory, increased social and academic pressures, as well as added responsibilities and obligations (Pedrelli et al., 2015). Mental illnesses have been linked to misconduct, disruptive behavior, or violent behavior among students (Center for Parent Information and Resources, 2017; Johnson et al., 2018; Semenza & Grosholz, 2019; Taylor & Smith, 2019). There is limited research focused on the intersection of mental health and misconduct. This qualitative study utilized semi-structured questions to explore how conduct professionals manage mental health concerns in their work and how they support their students during and after a mental health concern has been identified. The findings of this study suggest that there is little to no formalized training specific to handling mental health concerns, referrals to resources is a key element to conduct professionals work, and collaboration with peers and colleagues is an important part of the support measures for students.