Graduate Program

Political Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion

Spring 2021

Thesis Director

Paul Janssen Danyi

Thesis Committee Member

Melinda A. Mueller

Thesis Committee Member

Erin Rowland Carlin


The challenges faced by women in their quest to be equal participants with men in politics is not hidden. This study set out to examine how women may be restrained from rising to the highest offices in politics amidst fear of their existing nude contents that exist digitally. The body and sexuality of women have countlessly been employed as a tool to keep them out of political participation. Relying on data gathered through interviews with twenty four respondents, the study confirmed that women who have their illicit digital media in existence are less likely to take lead roles in politics due to fear of being rejected by political parties, media and the electorates in general.