Graduate Program


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion

Summer 2020

Thesis Director

Tim N. Taylor

Thesis Committee Member

Terri A. Fredrick

Thesis Committee Member

Robin L. Murray


This thesis explores the debates and conversations relating to a translingual pedagogical approach that helps preserve the cultural and ethnic identities of international students who take college composition courses in universities across the United States of America. Since domination of English in teaching, learning, and research in the United States of America is prevalent, this thesis explores much talked pedagogical approach – a translingual approach – in college composition that intends to protect the cultural and ethnic identities of international students studying in universities across the country. The translingual orientation in composition pedagogy is constantly adding new conversations to teaching of writing to the multilingual or international students in US academia. Beginning with descriptions of what has been done by English monolingual pedagogical approach, the thesis further discusses some crucial issues such as preserving of cultural and ethnic identities of international students, efforts to establish a standard in English language policy in composition classes and its resistance, scholarly conversations about establishing a feasible translingual approach, and debates for and against a translingual pedagogy. It also replicates the most advocated strategy – the translation assignment – to bring translingual approach in teaching writing. In doing so, this thesis adds new insights to ongoing conversations on the nature of translingual pedagogical approach in composition classes.