Graduate Program

Educational Leadership (EdS and SSP)

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Larry Janes

Thesis Committee Member

Harry Merigis

Thesis Committee Member

David E. Bartz


The purpose of this study was to examine policies and procedures on the use of corporal punishment in public schools. Specifically, this study reviewed current literature, statute law, court decisions, agency regulations, and research to develop sound recommended policies and procedures on possible use of corporal punishment in schools. Furthermore, a needs assessment was conducted of the six public school districts in the Clay, Jasper, and Richland Educational Service Region to ascertain current policies and procedures.

A review of literature and research revealed only minimal information regarding recommended policies and procedures for physical punishment. Therefore, the field experience involved, to a greater degree, review of statute mandates, agency regulations, and judicial decisions at the state and national level. As a result the Recommended Corporal Punishment Policy was developed, specifically and objectively to define what all school districts should adopt when corporal punishment is permitted.

The needs assessment revealed all six school units permit corporal punishment by board of education policy. Nothing was discovered in contradiction to school law. However, it was disclosed that of the 22 policy factors recommended by this researcher, only 8 were incorporated into current policy by all six districts. Therefore, 14 factors were not included by each district. In addition, no school unit, agency, or professional organization objectively defined policy and/or procedures as presented in the field experience.