Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

James J. Reynolds


School District 205 has erased a large portion of their videotaped library on advice of the district lawyer. This field study is a three-pronged effort: (1) to conduct a survey among district faculty to discover the attitudes toward the usefulness of a series of ten videotaped programs depicting excellent speech communication models performing in three basic areas--acting, interpretation, and public address, (2) to produce these ten programs and add them to the library, and (3) to survey selected groups of students to aquire their reactions to the tapes.

The faculty survey shows that the programs would be of value for the school district as a whole and for the speech department in particular. Some value could be gained by the English and social studies departments.

The tapes are organized from ten of the eleven official Illinois High School Association individual speech events. The ten tapes are entitled as follows:

  1. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Dramatic Duet Acting
  2. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Dramatic Interpretation
  3. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Extempore Speaking
  4. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Humorous Duet Acting
  5. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Humorous Interpretation
  6. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Oratorical Declamation
  7. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Original Comedy
  8. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Original Oration
  10. SPEECH LIBRARY SERIES: Verse Reading

The student survey was a Lickert-type attitude scale that attempted to determine student views of the programs in regards to the cognitive, affective, and action domains. For each study (acting, interpretation, and public address) a sampling of slow students and a sampling of fast students were polled. There was little significant difference in attitude between slow and fast students; there was a generally favorable judgement for the use of the programs.