Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Gerhard C. Matzner


Succinctly stated, the purpose of this field study manuscript is twofold: first, to present an overview of the internship in the field of educational administration, and second, to reveal the particulars involved in the central office administrative internship which this author participated in at the Administrative Offices of Community Unit School District Number One of Coles and Cumberland Counties, Illinois, between May 19, 1982, and August 13, 1982.

The actual composition of the report can be delineated as follows: Chapter II--The Dynamics of an Internship Program and Chapter III--The Internship in its Proper Perspective constitute a review of the literature pertaining to the internship in educational administration; the remaining chapters, Chapter I--Introduction to the Project, Chapter IV--Elaboration on Selected Activities and Projects Undertaken During the Internship, and Chapter V--Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations, focus on the specifics involved in this writer’s central office administrative internship. Yet, the material contained in the chapters which concentrate on the central office internship in Community Unit School District Number One of Coles and Cumberland Counties, Illinois relies heavily on the literature for substantiation and can easily be generalized to other school systems

The field-based learning experience in which this author participated at the central office level was professionally supervised by the Eastern Illinois University coordinator, Dr. Gerhard C. Matzner, from the Department of School Service Personnel. The capable, experienced on-site cooperating administrators from Community Unit School District Number One of Coles and Cumberland Counties, Illinois were Dr. William E. Hill, Superintendent of Schools and Mr. Terry W. Weir, the Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs.

The writing of this field study has been completed with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy, and it contains many ideas which should prove helpful in the initiation or operation of internship programs and, hence, should be of special interest to practicing administrators, interns, and professors of educational administration. This document is comprehensive in nature because it deals with both a general look at the administrative internship and an in-depth review of one intern’s experience in a medium-sized, K-12 unit district located in east-central Illinois.