Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Andrew R. Brulle


This study was designed to determine the types of communication and assistance that should be provided to regular education teachers by the resource teachers. This study also attempted to determine if there was any significance in the needs of regular education teachers based on the grade level, level of education, and/or sex of the respondents. An open-ended questionnaire was distributed to students enrolled in graduate level classes at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois. Responses obtained from the questionnaire were used to construct a second, multiple choice questionnaire. The questionnaire analyzed three main areas (a) consultation, (b) materials, and (c) assistance. Other topics which were included in the survey were special equipment, individualized education programs, and staffings. The second questionnaire was distributed to regular education teachers in 6 counties in Central Illinois. The results indicated that regular education teachers were interested in learning about materials used for helping students labeled learning disabled, and high interest/low level reading materials. The regular education teachers indicated a preference for verbal consultations while verbal and written consultations combined was provided as the second favorite choice. The teachers felt the most important change which should occur in staffings was for more communication to occur between all those involved in the staffing. When the individualized education program is developed for each student in the resource program, the regular educators would like to be provided information on the goals and objectives which are specific to their subject area for the student who is mainstreamed. The sex of the respondents revealed the most significance at the .05 level and the .001 level for this survey. A suggested communication tool was developed from the information provided by the survey to help the regular education teachers and the resource teachers communicate more effectively.