Graduate Program

Educational Administration

Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Larry Janes


Since the major role of superintendent of schools is to be the liaison between the board of education/community and the faculty, it is important to understand the philosophy of each group. Research reveals that the superintendent is the pivotal person in public relations for all parties involved with the schools. The superintendent relays board policy to the district employees and has the responsibility of explaining these policies to the community. One interesting factor determining the responsibilities of the superintendent is school size. In small schools the focus is directly upon the superintendent of schools, but in larger schools the superintendent is removed from the daily activities of the school. The larger schools place the focus of activity on the building principals rather than the superintendent. Requirements for becoming a superintendent of schools are outlined in the Illinois school code. These requirements must be fulfilled before certification will be granted. Schools should search for more than a certified superintendent; the position requires an individual with a philosophy and a "personality" similar to those qualities reflected in the school district. The Atwood-Hammond School District agreed to allow this internship as partial requirement for this field study. The criteria were outlined by Eastern Illinois University and the Atwood-Hammond Board of Education.