Graduate Program

Family and Consumer Sciences

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Nichole Hugo


In this thesis, the issues of Saudi children and their sick and malnourished are shown. Many Saudi's children suffer from anemia. Usually Saudi's children suffer from malnutrition because their parents do not instill healthy food habits. Saudi's children also, suffered due to nutritional inequality consequential from the appearance of poverty, and parent illiteracy. The purpose of this study was to determine most significant factors that result in malnutrition of children in Saudi Arabia.

The study was a quantitative, non-experimental design. It was a survey and correlational study. The hypotheses results were not significant. The researcher observed in particular results, which was about patients who have malnutrition were significant consequences including questions asked about the poor eating habits, which found the p value signifcant 0.027. the second question which asked about the family if thy suffer from poverty or not which was the p value significant 0.000. The third question asked if the family limit the amount of junk food to their child eats at home or not which found the p value signifcant 0.013. the final question asked if there child feel sad or depressed or not which was the p value signifIcant 0.001.

The result of the study did not support the hypotheses in order that the data for fivty is not enough to show the real relations between the hypothesis and the reality of the community. The researcher also recommends having the sample from severle countries to disclose the true nature of the link between the hypotheses and the population. Moreover, the researcher advise conducting another study with a larger sample size and controlling other factors that could influence the result of the study.