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College Student Affairs

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Master of Science (MS)

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Counseling and Student Development

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Dianne Timm


The number of student veterans on college campuses is increasing (NCVAS, 2012). There is a need to support these students, but how? Campuses must take a closer look at the student services they offer to student veterans, and how they are being utilized (McBain, Kim, Cook, & Snead, 2012). In this study, six student veterans were interviewed to better understand what resources and support student veterans utilize on campus. It was found that student veterans are similar to adult learners and bring with them experiences and responsibilities which play an important role in the support and services they utilize. Student veterans desire to be treated as adults and have personal challenges in which they rely on support from family and not the institution. In order to best support our student veterans, orientation, campus student veteran centers, and faculty and staff training must be tailored to meet the needs of these students.

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