Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

David E. Bartz


The purpose of this field study was to develop a model code of conduct policy for Hoopeston-East Lynn High School in Hoopeston, Illinois. A survey instrument on school discipline was completed by teachers and students. Results of the survey helped identify discipline problems in the school. Information was obtained pertaining to types of discipline codes used in other schools. These included other school codes as well as prepared codes such as Assertive Discipline, Reality Therapy, and Teacher Effectiveness Training. A committee of faculty members and parents was established to review and discuss types of discipline codes. It was decided that the prepared codes did not meet the needs of the school. It was further decided that a code needed to be designed specifically for Hoopeston-East Lynn High School. A specific code was developed by the committee with respect to legality, fairness, clarity, and enforcement.

The field experience concluded with a code of conduct that was developed using the Illinois School Code, other school codes, current literature, and business employee handbooks. The final version was approved by the high school teachers, the district discipline committee, the school board, the school attorney ,and selected students.