Anita K. Pond

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Education Specialist (EdS)

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Educational Administration

First Advisor

Freddie A. Banks, Jr.


The purpose of this field experience was to develop exemplary guidelines for the implementation of an early childhood program. A survey of 78 early childhood programs in Southern Illinois was conducted. Participants surveyed were asked to respond to questions relating to the early childhood staff, screening and assessment procedures, the policy manual, meeting the needs of each child, parental involvement and the program director. In addition, a review of current literature associated with early childhood programs was presented. Included in the review of literature were books and articles related to the multiple components necessary to create an exemplary early childhood program. An analysis of the survey results is presented in tables. The findings and conclusions from this study emphasized that the early childhood programs in Southern Illinois appear to be exemplary in nature and model programs. Recommendations included the importance of a policy manual, the purpose of the early childhood program and parental involvement.

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