Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Alicia M. Neal


Intended as a resource for conductors, this document provides short backgrounds, composer biographies, and brief, selective theoretical analyses of four compositions for wind band. The compositions include two recent pieces, as well as two pieces that have maintained a strong presence in band literature for over 50 years. The pieces include Pacem: A Hymn for Peace by Robert Spittal, The Jig Is Up by Daniel Kallman, Bagatelles for Band by Vincent Persichetti, and Rhoseymedre by Ralph Vaughn Williams. Topics addressed include diatonic motivic development in Pacem, a comparison of Daniel Kallman's The Jig Is Up to the compositional styles of Percy Grainger, compositional characteristics in the works of Vincent Persichetti with a special emphasis on Bagatelles for Band, and an overview of the band transcription of Vaughn Williams' organ work, Rhosymedre. A complete interview transcript with Daniel Kallman is included in the Appendix portion of the document.

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Music Commons