Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

Semester of Degree Completion


Thesis Director

Roger L. Luft


Purpose of the Study

This study was conducted to determine the role of the Internet in Illinois high schools, how it is integrated into the business education curriculum, and the status of technology in these high schools. Most schools are "hooked up" and the teachers are usually trained through internal workshops. Some schools even have a specific "Internet" course. The following questions are the research questions used for this study:

1. What is the general status of the Internet in secondary schools as perceived by business teachers?

2. To what extent is the Internet being included in the secondary business curriculum?

3. How is the Internet being used in the secondary business curriculum?


A survey instrument was developed as part of this research to collect data from Illinois business teachers who are members of the Illinois Business Education Association. The researcher sent two hundred fifty surveys and received about a 57 percent response. The respondents were told of the confidentiality of the survey and were asked to return it in less than three weeks.


This research concluded that since most teachers have more than ten years teaching experience, they should be more apt to deal with changes in technology. They should use this technology everyday. Just less than three percent of the teachers stated that they have no access to the Internet at school. This puts those students at a disadvantage compared to other students. The Internet is integrated into business classes more often than others mainly because business lends itself more to technology and the Internet. Most teachers feel that the Internet should supplement about twenty-five percent or less of the business curriculum. Training for the teachers takes place in internal workshops during school time. Training for students takes place in the various classes. Research is the most common reason to utilize the Internet. Finally, most schools have an Internet Acceptable Usage Policy in force.


It is recommended that the information in this study be used as a base for future studies and to continue observations of how schools are using the Internet and how it influences the business curriculum. A more wide spread study could be conducted nationally. School districts should train their employees to use the Internet and its' resources to it's fullest extent. Teachers should continue to integrate the Internet into the business curriculum and assist teachers from other disciplines to do the same. If a district has no Internet access, then ways to gain access should be investigated and implemented.