Degree Name

Education Specialist (EdS)

Semester of Degree Completion



The purpose of this qualitative study was to design a respectful and responsible student program for the students and staff of Muffley Elementary School in Decatur, Illinois. It was designed to answer the question: What type of program may be instituted to lay the foundation of respect and responsibility education? This study has laid the foundation for addressing the issue at Muffley Elementary School.

Several objectives were developed in order to meet the purpose of this study. The meeting of each objective lead to a component of the overall program. The first objective was the development of a booklet to provide the guidelines for the Triple Crown Program implementation. The second objective served to develop supplementary components that would encourage participation by parents and encourage students to meet the goals of the program. The third objective of this study resulted in the methodology of introducing the program to parents, students, and staff.

The study had its roots in conversations with teachers who were dissatisfied with the current building respectful student program. Through informal conversations and surveys, ideas and suggestions were gathered to help direct the project. Existing programs, research of others, and literature on character education, and respect and responsibility, were researched and analyzed for information that would be beneficial in developing a program at Muffley. This information was synthesized into the Triple Crown Program which consisted of a program booklet, supplementary components, and in-servicing plans for staff, parents and students. Working with a building committee, the components were refined to form an entire program designed to be continually evaluated and improved.

This study was not intended to be all comprehensive or all encompassing. Rather, the intention of this author was to produce a program that with continued refinement and development would, at a later time, produce results relative to improved building discipline and to positive effects on academic achievement.