The Journal of the North American Management Society [JNAMS] is the official journal of the North American Management Society [NAMS]. JNAMS is a multidisciplinary, online, and open access journal of interest to scholars, professionals, students, and practitioners in a broad range of management thinking.

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Fields of study included in the journal encompass human resources, management education, general management, organizations, ethics, leadership, entrepreneurship, global strategy, nonprofit & public management, and more.

JNAMS includes both peer-reviewed articles and non-peer-reviewed materials such as essays, book reviews, pilot studies, and commentary. JNAMS is committed to developing theoretical and practical knowledge about management and welcomes the full and equal participation of scholars and practitioners alike.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Number 1 (2024)


Research Articles


A Quantitative Analysis of Conscious Capitalism Effects on Gross Profit Margin Over Time
Alyssa Newsom, Arlene Ramkissoon, Douglas Ruml, and Edward Lukco

Theoretical Articles


Don't Panic! ChatGPT Doesn't Have All the Answers.
Elizabeth Tate, Will Phillips, and Shawn Keough

Software Review


Editor in Chief
Michael E. Dobbs, Eastern Illinois University
Editorial Review Board