Call for Proposals

Proposals for Virtual Breakout Sessions Due: January 3, 2021 (machform)

We are seeking teacher-driven classroom-centered presentations reinforcing our conference theme, “Finding and Amplifying Voice.”

Moving Writers: Finding and Amplifying Voice will include both the “Moving Writers” keynote workshop and teacher-driven presentations and workshops that allow both participants and teacher presenters to share effective ideas and confer with one another, emphasizing the belief that the best teachers of teachers are other teachers.

Please send 100 to 150-word proposals by January 3 for 10 to 45-minute presentation or workshop through this machform or these emails: Robin Murray (, Kristin Runyon (, and Kelly Rice ( Please include name, working title, a brief description, and a description of your target audience.

We hope to receive your actual virtual presentation by January 12, to more readily build our virtual conference website.

For breakout sessions, the conference will be formatted as follows:

  • Presenters will record their own presentations or workshops. This is typically A) links to pdf resources and a video of them speaking, generally filmed with a webcam or smartphone, B) a screen recording of a presentation, such as a PowerPoint, or C) a hybrid of the two, with speaker and presentation alternately or simultaneously onscreen.
  • Presentations are uploaded to the conference website where they can be viewed at any time during the conference timeframe. Talks are organized into panels that generally have three presentations each and a shared Q&A session.
  • Participants and panelists contribute to online Q&A sessions, which are similar to online forums, by posing and responding to written questions and comments.