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Table of Contents

Cover Letter
Bob Zordani
page 3

Letter to Harrington Street
Bob Zordani
page 4

The Only Truth
Bob Zordani
page 5

They'd Gone to a Movie
Matt Mansfield
page 6

The Locket
Monica Groth
page 6

The Sleep of Babes
Monica Groth
page 7

Techni-Color Characters in a Black and White Town
Monica Groth
page 8

The Horse
Rodger Patience
page 9

Robyn Kerr
page 10

Gatsby's Light
Jim Reed
page 11

Millions of Me
Jim Reed
page 12

View from the Streets
Steven M. Beamer
page 13

When Headlights on the Highway
Michael Salem
page 23

Concrete Affairs
Michael Salem
page 24

The Middle of the Street
Michael Salem
page 25

Scent of a Storm
Michael Salem
page 26

The Fisherman
Angie Gerald
page 27

Patrick Peters
page 33

Patrick Peters
page 34

Patrick Peters
page 35

Autumn Poem for a Friend In a Printing Plant
Patrick Peters
page 36

Publication Date

Fall 1-1-1988

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The Vehicle, Fall 1988