This page collects the research and creative activity of the faculty members of the Dept. of Recreational Administration at Eastern Illinois University.


Submissions from 2012


The Development of a Pay-for-Performance Appraisal System for Municipal Agencies: A Case Study, Michael A. Mulvaney, William R. McKinney, and Richard Grodsky

Submissions from 2011


The role of family-friendly benefits on job self-efficacy and organizational commitment of public park and recreation professionals, Michael A. Mulvaney

Submissions from 2010


A Creative Approach to Comprehensive Planning, Michael A. Mulvaney, Hollice Clark III, and Kelly LaMore

Submissions from 2008


Online learning: Examining instructional design strategies in leisure curriculum, Michael A. Mulvaney, William R. McKinney, and Lynn A. Barnett

Submissions from 2007


Measuring the Costs of Employee Turnover in Illinois Public Park and Recreation Agencies: An Exploratory Study, William R. McKinney, Kenneth R. Bartlett, and Michael A. Mulvaney