2020 - Sheila Simons


2020 - Sheila Simons


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Dr. Sheila Simons is a Professor in the Department of Public Health at EIU. She has been very active on the EIU GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) Advisory committee, which has involved mentoring students and assisting with planning for an HIV testing clinic. She also works with SACIS (Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Services) to offer training to staff and assist them with being able to see clients safely. During the COVID-19 pandemic she delivered information to the public and academic community through presentations and papers, spearheaded contract tracing on campus, and works to assist students and faculty with understanding proper procedures at EIU. Outside of EIU, she assisted with delivering food to older residents in the community and held community meetings to respond to questions regarding the virus. She puts students first by working to fundraise for scholarships and delivered needed items for students in quarantine. Her hard work and dedication to EIU and the community has been exceptional, particularly during a time of substantial disruption and concern.

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Fall 2020

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2020 - Sheila Simons