2019 - Danelle Larson


2019 - Danelle Larson


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Dr. Danelle Larson (Music) is an Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the Music Education Division at EIU. She has played a key role in the advancement of the MA programs in the music department as well as undergraduate education. She serves the music profession at the national and regional levels, while serving on many university, college and departmental committees. A few of these include serving as the President of the Music Teacher Educator Division of IL Music Educators Association (ILMEA) Board of Directors and Facilitator of the ILMEA’s New Music Teacher Mentorship Program. She visits schools in the region adjudicating area ensembles at music festivals, as well as bringing in nearly 300 students to campus each summer for music camp. This is in addition to being an active researcher, mentor, and devoted teacher.

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Fall 2019

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Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award, Faculty Senate

2019 - Danelle Larson