On 3-manifolds that support partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms

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January 2010


Let M be a closed 3-manifold that supports a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism f. If $\pi_1(M)$ is nilpotent, the induced action of f on $H_1(M, R)$ is partially hyperbolic. If $\pi_1(M)$ is almost nilpotent or if $\pi_1(M)$ has subexponential growth, M is finitely covered by a circle bundle over the torus. If $\pi_1(M)$ is almost solvable, M is finitely covered by a torus bundle over the circle. Furthermore, there exist infinitely many hyperbolic 3-manifolds that do not support dynamically coherent partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms; this list includes the Weeks manifold. If f is a strong partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism on a closed 3-manifold M and if $\pi_1(M)$ is nilpotent, then the lifts of the stable and unstable foliations are quasi-isometric in the universal of M. It then follows that f is dynamically coherent. We also provide a sufficient condition for dynamical coherence in any dimension. If f is center bunched and if the center-stable and center-unstable distributions are Lipschitz, then the partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism f must be dynamically coherent.


Published in Nonlinearity, available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/0951-7715/23/3/009.