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January 2016


To claim that the national tragedy of 9/11 is a defining moment in thefirst decade of the tV1renty-first century for the United States is not profound,nor is the statement that it directly and indirectly influenced thecultural production within American society throughout these years.Regardless of the obviousness of these claims, it is exactly upon theseassumptions that this chapter rests. In the years following the attackson the World Trade Center and Pentagon, cultural products have beensites for interrogating and remediating the trauma that 9 /11 causedfor the citizens of a country that believed itself to be untouchable.Although these cultural concerns were played out in both non-fictionaland fictional spaces across media, this essay argues that televisual narrativesin particular provide great insight into societal concerns duringthe start of this century. They do this in a unique space that repackagesthese concerns from "reality" and displaces then1 into the safe comfortsof "fiction" where they can· be addressed time and again with morefavourable results.