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Each of the 102 counties in Illinois made its own contribution to the enviable war record of the state. Coles County ranked near the top of the 102 names. Her population in 1860 was 14,174. Her total troop quota for the entire war was 2,728, and she furnished 2,741 in all, or 13 men in excess of the quota. In the final analysis, not more than 3 counties furnished more troops in proportion to the population than did Coles.

Volunteering in Coles did not lag until the latter part of the war. On July 1, 1864, Coles led all other counties in total number of men furnished in excess of the quota. At that time, Coles was 843 men in excess. This indicates that Coles had supplied almost all the available manpower in the county by that time, for if the total of that date (2,636) is subtracted from the total furnished in the entire war (2,741) it can be seen that only 105 men were supplied after July 1, 1864.

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This article is a revision of the authors' Master's Thesis submitted at Eastern Illinois University in 1951 under the title, "The War of the Rebellion and Coles County." The thesis was edited by Dr. Charles H. Coleman only to remove certain sections in the interest of reducing the length to fit this bulletin. The most important portion removed was a carefully compiled list of the Coles County residents who served in the Union Army. Any one interested in this list can see it at the Charleston Public Library. A similar list was compiled under the direction of Dr. Coleman and is on deposit in the Coles County Circuit Clerk's office.

Bulletin 257 - Coles County in the Civil War 1861-1865