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October 2012


The need for counselors to be versed in various areas of multicultural counseling is a requirement to the profession (ACA Code of Ethics, 2005). Providing a basis of counselor knowledge in dealing with the various areas of multiculturalism is necessary to revolutionize how we are able to help clients with various life stories. One of the goals within the ACA standards is to help navigate a sense of empowerment for such clients. Counselors must promote holistic wellness in the often challenging social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual path of comeback. With the rise in invisible chronic physical conditions, the importance of counselors’ possessing appropriate skills to collaborate with and assist individuals in restorying personal narratives is imperative and cutting edge. Within this presentation, presenters will offer a framework based on a 12-week manual they have created, based on a narrative and mindfulness theoretical base, for working with young adults faced with invisible physical chronic illness.