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January 1996


A study was conducted to maxmuze plant regeneration frequencies from cultured anthers of' Chandler', 'Honeoye', and 'Redchief strawberries (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.). A comparison of auxins (IAA, NAA), cytokinins (BA, BPA, KIN) and carbohydrates (sucrose, glucose, maltose) in MS medium showed that the highest shoot regeneration across cultivars (8%) occurred when using a medium containing 2 mgtl IAA, I mgtl BA, and 0.2 M glucose. A comparison ofMS, NN, and HI inorganic medium (a new formulation based on the anther culture literature) solidified with either agar or gellan gum and containing IAA, BA, and glucose, showed the highest shoot regeneration across cultivars (19%) when using HI and gellan gum. Lastly, media containing Fe-EDTAyielded more shoots than media containing Fe-Metalosate, and anthers cultured on Fe-EDT A media in darkness for 30d followed by 30d in white light produced more shoots (16% average regeneration) than those cultured on Fe-EDTA media under white or yellow light (16h photoperiod) for the initial 30d (0.3% and 5% respectively). Plants were acclimated ex vitro where they flowered and set :fruit. Chromosome counts of root tip cells confirmed that haploid plants were obtained from all three cultivars

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