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Composite of photographs of the Eastern Illinois State Normal School faculty, 1902-1903 academic year.

Top row, left to right: President Livingston C. Lord, Alice L. Pratt, Francis G. Blair, Caroline A. Forbes, Thomas H. Briggs, Charlotte Kluge.

Second row: Thomas L. Hankinson, Elmer I. Shepard, Anna Piper, Clara M. Snell, Katharine Gill, Otis W. Caldwell, William M. Evans.

Third row: Ellen A. Ford, Frances E. Wetmore, George D. Hubbard, Charlotte May Slocum, Edna T. Cook.

Bottom row: Eva M. Russell, Thornton Smallwood, Henry Johnson, Elizabeth Branch, Friederich Koch, Florence M. Beck.

(Not pictured: Edson H. Taylor, on leave.)

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