This collection highlights the research and creative activity of the Department of Communication Studies at Eastern Illinois University.


Submissions from 2015


The German plagiarism crisis: Defending and explaining the workings of scholarship on the front stage, Claudia Janssen Danyi, Howard Notthaft, and Birte Faehnrich

Migrant Diaries: Communicating in Pop Culture Nation, Chigozirim Utah

Submissions from 2014


Between Jennings and Jones: Jamey Johnson, Hard-Core Country Music, and Outlaw as Authenticating Strategy, Stephen A. King

Confronting Critical Thinking Challenges “in” the College Classroom, Chigozirim Utah and Alexis Waters

Collaborative Reviews: Increasing the learning potential of post-quiz reviews, Chigozirim Utah

Elevating cultural awareness as an instructional resource: A reflection and dialogue promoting intercultural pedagogy and instruction for non-native English speaking students, Chigozirim Utah

Enabling community organizing through dialogic research: The case of Lagos roadside food traders, Chigozirim Utah

Common sense or common senses: Reconsidering doxa in fragmented contexts, Chigozirim Utah

Submissions from 2013


Corporate Historical Responsibility (CHR): Addressing a Past of Forced Labor at Volkswagen, Claudia Janssen Danyi

Revolutionary Words: Reggae’s Evolution from Protest to Mainstream, Stephen King and P. Renee Foster


Cross Border Community Research, Opportunities and Challenges: Case Study Analyses, Paulette Meikle and Stephen A. King

Submissions from 2012


Addressing Corporate Ties to Slavery: Corporate Apologia in a Discourse of Reconciliation, Claudia Irene Janssen


Contesting Neoliberalism through Critical Pedagogy, Intersectional Reflexivity, and Personal Narrative: Queer Tales of Academia, Richard G. Jones and Bernadette Marie Calafell

Submissions from 2011

I’m Feeling the Blues Right Now: Blues Tourism and the Mississippi Delta, Stephen King

Submissions from 2010


From Viruses to Russian Roulette to Dance: A Rhetorical Critique and Creation of Genetic Metaphors, Marita Gronnvoll


Theorizing the Transcendent Persona: Amelia Earhart’s Vision in The Fun of It, Robin E. Jensen, Erin F. Doss, Claudia Irene Janssen, and Sherrema A. Bower


Putting Privilege into Practice Through "Intersectional Reflexivity:" Ruminations, Interventions, and Possibilities, Richard G. Jones


Blues Tourism in the Mississippi Delta: The Functions of Blues Festivals, Stephen A. King

Submissions from 2009


Believing in both genetic determinism and behavioral action: a materialist framework and implications, Celeste Condit, Marita Gronnvoll, Jamie Landau, Lijiang Shen, Lanelle Wright, and Tina M. Harris

Submissions from 2007



Submissions from 2006


Memory, Mythmaking, and Museums: Constructive Authenticity and the Primitive Blues Subject, Stephen A. King

Submissions from 2005


Race and Blues Tourism: A Comparison of Two Lodging Alternatives in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Stephen A. King

Submissions from 2002

Reggae, Rastafari, and the Rhetoric of Social Control, Stephen King

Submissions from 2001


“No Problem, Mon”: Strategies Used to Promote Reggae Music as Jamaica’s Cultural Heritage, Stephen A. King and P. Renee Foster

Submissions from 1999


The Co-optation of a ‘‘Revolution’’: Rastafari, Reggae, and the Rhetoric of Social Control, Stephen A. King

Submissions from 1998


International reggae, democratic socialism, and the secularization of the Rastafarian movement, 1972–1980, Stephen A. King