Out Creye: The Rebirth

Out Creye: The Rebirth


Robert K. Rush


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This book offers a rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of some of the most powerful and talented, new voices in Spoken Word poetry. I found within these pages, an urban interpretation of views and philosophies so artistically communicated, that I felt the seriousness of its plight within myself. Out Crye brings to the forefront an untapped resource of spoken words that speaks expressively, passionately and provocatively to this generation of readers. These young men are ahead of their time; men of vision; educators educating from experiences not found in text books. Never before have you possessed a wealth of such priceless curriculum. This is the rebirth of poetry; birthed from the depths of men's souls, manifested by life's pains, despair, hopelessness, abandonment combined with joys, triumphs, love and growth brought forth by the elevation of poetry. These are they who spit with a purpose, thus, revealing to you the hidden pangs that have given place to their voices. This is their Out Creye.



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Out Creye: The Rebirth