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At this annual celebration, the entire Division of Academic Affairs is pleased that the important work of faculty continues and evolves as EIU’s professors have individually and collectively redefined the boundaries of scholarship, creativity, and innovation for the emerging post-COVID era. Indeed, we are excited to come together to celebrate the achievements and outstanding contributions of our colleagues and students to their disciplines and professions. And, as the following pages illustrate, faculty have engaged in continuing scholarly and creative activities that have provided outstanding mentoring experiences for our undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to sharing faculty productivity, research excellence and creative works, this event celebrates faculty whose contributions have been recognized as exemplary. Specifically, the program honors the recipients of the Edwin L. “Bud” May award, as well as the Dean’s Awards of Excellence in Research and Creative Activity and all 2022 award recipients. We are also privileged to recognize the outstanding research mentors of each college.

Finally, we are grateful — truly grateful — for the faculty’s sustained commitment to our students, learning that is informed by research, as well as creativity, and a faculty that fosters academic excellence. The work and commitment of every member of the campus community to advance the mission has been, and will continue to be, inspiring.

  • Barbara Bonnekessen, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Austin Cheney, Lumpkin College of Business & Technology
  • Mona Davenport, Student Success
  • Richard England, Sandra & Jack Pine Honors College
  • Jay Gatrell, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Laretta Henderson, College of Education
  • Ryan Hendrickson, The Graduate School & Booth Library
  • John Storsved, College of Health & Human Services

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2022 Celebration of Scholarship, Creativity, and Engagement