2016 - Grant Sterling

2016 - Grant Sterling


Faculty Senate



Dr. Grant Sterling (Philosophy) has been awarded the 2016 Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Sterling has served at EIU for 25 years in the Department of Philosophy, taking on leadership roles and dedicating his time to initiatives on campus and in the Charleston community. Dr. Sterling has not only served on the membership of nearly all of the most significant committees and organizations at Eastern Illinois University—Faculty Senate, EIU-UPI, CAA, and CUPB, to name a few—but also has held leadership roles in those groups and several others. While many of his service accomplishments are at the university, college, or departmental levels, he has actively participated in professional organizations and conferences at the state and regional level, served as a consulting editor at the national and international level, and contributed to local community organizations.

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Fall 2016

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2016 - Grant Sterling